Coated Label Products: Sustainability

Going green is now the norm

As consumers become more environmentally aware, they are making purchasing decisions based on the ecological impact of the product.

EcoVantage™ label materials from Green Bay Packaging help you and your customers create more earth-friendly products and a better environment.

Recycled Content Face Stocks

Our recycled content papers contain post-consumer waste. Using post-consumer fiber eliminates waste going to landfills and decreases the volume of virgin wood pulp needed to produce these papers.

  • R60SG – A blue-white 60# semi-gloss face stock with 30% post-consumer recycled fiber.
  • R51LJA 50# facer with 100% post-consumer recycled fiber for laser and inkjet printing.
  • KONAL – A 50# facer (light roast) with 100% post-consumer waste. It is a blend of repurposed coffee bean bag fiber combined with post-consumer waste material.
  • KONAM – A 50# facer (medium roast) with 100% post-consumer waste. It is a blend of repurposed coffee bean bag fiber combined with post-consumer waste material.
  • 1DMEC – A 60#, FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer waste paper with wet strength.
  • PLRWS – A 77#, FSC-certified, 100% post-consumer waste wet strength barrier paper.
  • 1HOPS – A 60# HOPS wet strength paper with 30% post-consumer waste.

Sustainable Film

Green Bay Packaging offers a film that meets the ASTM D6400 standards and is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. Products that meet these standards are designed to compost quickly, completely and safely, without leaving any plastic residues. In addition, this film is made from a renewable resource, not petroleum.

  • Acetate – A 2.0 mile clear film (020AC) designed for primary labels, as well as security and tamper-evident applications.

Recycling Compatible Adhesives

For Paper Substrates
Paper labels with Recycling Compatible Adhesives, applied to a paper substrate, can be processed without problems during recycling operations.  This allows items such as envelopes, catalogs, and office paper containing pressure sensitive paper labels to be recycled.

Green Bay Packaging offers two Recycling Compatible Adhesives that meet the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute testing protocol RCA LRP 2v5.

  • 760S – A general purpose permanent adhesive.
  • 548S – A hard repositionable adhesive.
  • 770S – A cold-temp adhesive for frozen, refrigerated and shelf stable foods.
  • 780S – A general purpose adhesive for refrigerated and shelf stable foods.

For PET Thermoform Containers
The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers, APR, has developed a protocol to help stakeholders determine the impact of label and adhesive choices on PET thermoform recycling, the Protocol for Evaluating PET Thermoform Labels and Adhesives for Compatibility with PET Recycling.

Green Bay Packaging offers the following structures that conform to the protocol being used by Canadian consumer products companies and retailers to enhance the recyclability of PET thermoform containers.

  • 054SG/770S/40SC – S8240760 – Semi-gloss paper with an all-temperature adhesive.
  • 054SG/780S/40SC – S8247960 – Semi-gloss paper with a general-purpose permanent adhesive.

Natural Liner

Our brown 39# (39NK) Natural Kraft Liner eliminates the bleaching process.  In addition, end-users can recycle the used liner with their corrugated recycling stream, saving the cost of landfilling it.  This super-calendered liners is an environmentally-friendly alternative that doesn’t sacrifice die-cutting and stripping performance.

Recycling Options

The label industry has long desired to recycle waste matrix and liner materials.  Only recently have recycling options become available. The following companies are able to handle pressure-sensitive waste, although service will be contingent upon volume, location, and condition of your material:

Company Phone Website Scope Materials Accepted
Matrix Paper Liner Film Liner
Channeled Resources 888-842-0389 Nationwide X X X
Recycle America Alliance 631-756-1060 Nationwide X X X
Energy Recovery Council – Waste-to-Energy Facilities 202-467-6240 Nationwide X X X
National Recycling Network, Inc. 954-680-8802 Nationwide X
Custom Polymers, Inc. 281-582-0700 Nationwide X
Mitsubishi Polyester Film 888-673-7762 america Nationwide X
International Paper Products Corporation 413-562-3787 Northeast X
Commercial Plastics Recycling 813-248-4212 East Coast X
Harmony Industries 336-886-7225 East of Mississippi X X X
Systech 800-888-8011 East & Midwest X X X
Convergen Energy 920-432-3200 Upper Midwest X
Pellet America 920-954-9012 Wisconsin X
Balcones Resources 512-472-6200 South Central X X X
Allan Company 626-893-4726 California X X


FSC Certified Materials

Without proper forest management, the paper industry is threatened, as well as wildlife, plants, soil, and water quality.  The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), is working to ensure proper management of timber resources.  Use of FSC certified paper grades helps conserve forests for the future. 

Green Bay Packaging has earned Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody (CoC) certification from Scientific Certification Systems, one of the world’s leading FSC certifiers and one of FSC’s founding members.  Green Bay’s FSC CoC certification allows both you and your customer to purchase label stock knowing that the materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Use of FSC certified paper grades helps conserve forests for the future. 

To view the FSC CoC certificate, click here. For more information regarding the FSC and FSC Certification please visit

These paper grades are FSC certified.

  • Gloss Papers
    • F54SG – 54# Semi-Gloss
    • R60SG – 60# Semi-Gloss with 30% Post-Consumer Waste
    • D55SG – 55# Semi-Gloss with Indigo Topcoating
  • Beer and Wine Papers
    • 0WCSW – Classic Crest Solar White Smooth
    • 1DMEC – 60# 100% Post-Consumer Waste Wet Strength Paper
    • PLRWS – Polar White Wet Strength Barrier Paper
    • 70BWF – 70# Bright White Felt
    • BKVLM – 60# Black Vellum
  • Ink Jet and Laser
    • 06INK – 60# Matte-Coated Ink Jet
    • R51LJ – 50# Recycled Laser Jet with 100% Post-Consumer Waste
  • Thermal Transfer
    • FTTFP – Select Thermal Transfer
    • FVALT – Value Thermal Transfer
  • Specialty Paper
    • 0TRCT – Translucent Paper
    • KONAL – 50# 100% Post-Consumer Waste Paper Made with Used Coffee Bean Bags
  • Liner
    • F32LF – 3.2 mil Kraft Lay Flat Liner

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Reducing our impact on the environment is an important part of our manufacturing process. 

As part of this commitment, we have become certified to the TLMI Label Initiative for the Environment Program.

In addition, our work has been honored with a number of environmental awards, including –

  • Being recognized in 2017, for the seventh consecutive year, as a Green Master byGreenMastersLogo the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.
  • Receiving the 2014 Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) Supplier Environmental Leadership Award.  We were recognized for our efforts in reducing material to landfill, waste water, and energy consumption.
  • Obtaining the 2011 Business Friend of the Environment Award from the Wisconsin Environmental Working Group, an affiliate of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce for our recycling efforts.
  • Being recognized with the Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Excellence in Environmental Performance – twice – for our continuing efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

Some of our environmental efforts include –

  • Minimizing air emissions and hazardous waste by using only water-based acrylic adhesives and solventless silicone.
  • Recycling our manufacturing and office waste.
  • Pre-treating our waste water, easing the burden on the public treatment facilities.

*EcoVantage is a trademark of Green Bay Packaging Inc. EarthFirst is a registered trademark of Plastic Suppliers, Inc.