These multi-layer, laminated tag structures are designed to be tough. They’re strong enough to hold-up to multiple uses. And their tear-resistance reduces fraudulent modification of event passes and price tickets.

The strength of these tags make them perfect for – Durable Tag Access Pass

    • Entrance passes for amusement parks, water parks, ski lifts, casinos, and other entertainment venues
    • Multi-day train and bus passes
    • Tear-proof price tags – for high value stores and products, and for high-theft retail environments

Durable Tags are available in two structures –

Duplex Tag (a stiffer product designed with multi-use passes in mind)
3.0 Mil White Direct Thermal BOPP / Adhesive / 7.0 Mil White Polyester #SC401025

Triplex Tag (best tear-resistance, ideal for security applications)
60# Paper / Adhesive / 3.0 Mil Valeron® / Adhesive / 60# Paper #SC401125


For samples of our Duplex or Triplex tag structures, click here.