Get the Right Grip - For Your Most Demanding Label Applications

Try the New Hot Melt Adhesives from Green Bay Packaging Flower Pots with Hot Melt Adhesive

We have expanded our adhesive portfolio to include three new options for tough-to-label products.

Whether the substrate is textured, exposed to moisture, covered  with dust, oil, or other contaminants, a low energy surface, or just about any difficult application, we have adhesives that can handle those environments.

791 Adhesive
A general-purpose hot melt with a quick tack. Stands up to moisture, and adheres securely to low-energy and textured surfaces.


Ag-gressive Adhesive
A stronger hot melt adhesive, which is designed for agricultural and other outdoor uses. Will also adhere to rougher surfaces.

  • 3 mil White Polypropylene / Ag-gressive / 40  #SC301025
  • Dull Litho / Ag-gressive / 40  #SC301125
  • 60# SG / Ag-gressive / 40  #SC301225


PowerGrip Adhesive
An adhesive tough enough for sidewall tire use. Try it on your most challenging jobs. With a dry edge for easier converting.

  • 3 mil White Polypropylene / PowerGrip / 40  #SC201025
  • 2 mil White Polyester / PowerGrip / 40  #SC201125
  • 60# SG / PowerGrip / 40  #SC201225


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