Beer & Wine Label Materials

A variety of face stocks are available to create a unique look for any type of wine and beer.

  • 0WEL8 Estate Label® * #8 White Smooth Paper
  • 0WEL9 Estate Label® * #9 Cream Laid Paper
  • 054WS 54# Wet Strength Semi-Gloss
  • 057HG 57# High Gloss
  • 061DL 60# Dull Litho
  • 0WCSW Classic Crest®* Solar White Smooth Paper
  • 055BS 55# Bright Silver Laminated Foil
  • 056H5 64# Rainbow Hologram Paper
  • 1DMEC 60#, FSC-Certified, 100% Post-Consumer Waste Paper with Wet Strength.
  • KONAD 50#, 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Waste Paper Blend (Dark Roast)
    with Wet Strength.
  • KONAM 50#, 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Waste Paper Blend (Medium Roast)
    with Wet Strength.
  • KONAL 50#, 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Waste Paper Blend (Light Roast)
    with Wet Strength.
  • PLRWS  77# smooth white paper with a back side barrier coating that keeps the facer opaque, even in an ice bucket or cooler.
  • BKVLM 60# black vellum. Uncoated, black, smooth, wet strength paper. Labels will maintain their integrity when wet.
  • 70BWF 70# bright white felt. Uncoated bright white, wet strength paper.

These wine and beer label grades are offered with both high-tack and repositionable adhesive options.

  • High-Tack 747An aggressive adhesive that grabs quickly and maintains a permanent bond.
  • Non-Tackified 720 – A permanent adhesive with excellent cold-temperature properties.
  • Washaway 600 – A permanent adhesive that removes from glass bottles in a warm water bath.

We offer different release liners to suit individual converting and application needs.

  • 44PM 3.1 Mil Natural Kraft Liner Coated with Polypropylene
  • 12NB 1.2 Mil Clear Polyester Liner
  • 39NK 2.4 Mil Natural Kraft Liner
  • 40SC 2.4 Mil White Densified Kraft Liner

Many of these beverage label materials are available on our trimless TIP program.

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* Estate Label and Classic Crest are registered trademarks of Neenah Paper.