Mill Operations: Fiber Resource Division

Raw materials management for today and tomorrow

The primary responsibility of our Fiber Resource Division is to manage timber, over 250,000 acres of land owned by Green Bay Packaging.  The ultimate goal is to grow saw logs needed for the Pinecrest Lumber Mill, and the wood chips, and wood fuel needed for the Arkansas Kraft Mill.

The Fiber Resource Division also produces timber from state, federal, and privately held landowners who participate in our “Trees for the Future” Cooperative Management Program, thus receiving our professional forestry assistance at no cost.

Quick facts. The Fiber Resource Division …

….has an annual harvest and reforestation goal of 5,500 acres.

….uses Loblolly pine, a tree native to South Arkansas, to reforest our cut lands; these trees are fast-growing and are ready for pulpwood in 15-18 years.

….does not own logging, planting, or wood chipping equipment; all are achieved through outside, independent contractors.

….was started in 1965 to provide a continuous, long-term supply of wood for the Arkansas Kraft Division; today, that mill produces 1,100 to 1,250 tons per day.

….operates the “Trees for the Future”: program, which involves over 800 landowners with over 108,000 acres under management.