Mill Operations: Pinecrest Slitting Division

A true roll player

The Pinecrest Paper Slitting Division produces narrow cartwheels or slit stock rolls for the tube and core manufacturing industry for a variety of uses: tubes for paper towels, tissues, wrapping paper, and battery stock; edgeboard stock; composite cans for salt and spices; as well as other heavy duty cores.

Quick facts. The Pinecrest Paper Slitting Division …

… has the capability to slit stock widths from 1-½ inches up to 60 inches, with diameter ranges from 9 to 48 inches on 3- and 4-inch cores with calipers, or paper thickness, from .006 to .20.

… averages monthly production over 1,400 tons; one-third of material used is received from the Green Bay Mill and two-thirds from the Arkansas Kraft Division. Contract slitting services are also offered to meet the specifications of growing customer demands.

… operates under the Team Concept, resulting in unparalleled customer service and overall service and product quality.