Innovation Drives Our Success

Creative solutions to meet specific customer needs

A valued principle at Green Bay Packaging is innovation. By constantly striving to create, we ensure you get the most advanced, affordable packaging and labeling solutions available. Newer is only better when it results in a more effective way to satisfy your current and future needs.

In 1933, George Kress’s alternative to the wooden box was an unparalleled success. Yet, it was simply a spark for a much larger fire today: the spirit of every associate at Green Bay Packaging. Our culture celebrates change, and we re-invest resources to remain on the cutting edge of packaging.

Green Bay Packaging’s “famous firsts”

• Green Bay Box Co. begins manufacturing corrugated shipping containers in 1933.
• George Kress develops the semi-chemical method of wood preparation in 1948.
Green Bay Mill develops and executes a closed-loop process water system in 1970.
Green Bay Mill develops high-performance linerboard with 100% recycled fiber in 1990.
Green Bay Mill becomes totally effluent free (TEF or zero discharge of waste water) in 1992.
• Green Bay Packaging becomes the first U.S. company to install the state-of-the-art Clearvision glue detection system in 2008.
• Green Bay Packaging introduces food safety program in 2010.

Green Bay Packaging’s innovative products.