Quality Control Like No Other

The right process. The right people.

A complex quality control process is vital to ensuring every manufacturing application exceeds the highest standards. Business practices that drive quality at Green Bay Packaging include ISO 9001 certification, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing. Yet, it is our people who work smarter at every level, optimizing processes, reducing costs, and increasing value to you.

Consistency is a vital part of quality

Because Green Bay Packaging is a vertically integrated company—both producing and controlling raw materials and the finished product—our thorough and rigorously implemented quality control creates the best-made, most consistent production applications. We even openly exchange quality evaluations with you, because partnerships succeed when both parties know what’s expected.

The ClearVision glue & fold detection system takes numerous photos of every box during production, which results in 100% visual inspection.

Green Bay Packaging performs inspections and tests on a minimum of one sample per bale to verify compliance to the prescribed customer specifications.