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Our expert Packaging Systems team partners with you to identify, solve, and implement packaging and manufacturing solutions resulting in best-in-class productivity, sustainability, and cost-savings.

Packaging system equipment at a Green Bay Packaging box plant.

GBP is transforming the packaging industry through innovative safety, quality, and sustainable technology, improving efficiencies, quality, and customization while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Automation has significantly increased packaging production’s speed, efficiency, and productivity. By automating various processes, manufacturers can meet customer demands efficiently, reduce lead times, and optimize their operations for maximum productivity.

Customer service is a strategic function at Green Bay Packaging aimed at building long-term relationships by understanding our customers’ packaging needs, preferences, and challenges. Our decentralized structure provides consistent, proactive customer support for a streamlined experience.

The GBP Packaging Systems team accessed, recommended, and implemented an automation solution for a large cheese production customer at multiple facilities, resolving labor challenges and downtime issues and improving overall line productivity.
GBP Packaging Systems identified a case packing solution for a snack food customer to increase packaging speeds by 3x while reducing overall labor, allowing the customer to significantly increase production rates, and opening sales opportunities previously unavailable.
A sweet potato customer struggled with manually forming corrugated trays. GBP Packaging Systems facilitated the purchase of tray-forming equipment that reduced the risk of repetitive motion injuries and resulted in $34,000 in material savings and $60,000 in labor savings annually.

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