Green Bay Packaging Inc. (GBP) is committed to responsible and ethical business practices in all of its operations. It has commitment to its employees, customers, suppliers and all of the communities in which it operates.

GBP’s core values include accountability, transparency and a commitment to continuous improvement in its products, operations, training and sustainable practices.

Human Rights

Affirmative Action /Equal Opportunities Employer

GBP provides equal employment opportunities to all job applicants and employees. Personnel are employed based on abilities and merit without regard to personal characteristics of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or any protected category under state, local or federal law. GBP strives to maintain a respectful work environment free from harassment of any type.

Freedom of Association

GBP respects employees’ right to associate freely and to join legally sanctioned associations or organizations.

Child and Forced Labor

In every geographical area in which it operates, GBP complies with all laws and regulations regarding employment of younger workers. GBP provides training and a safe working environment for all of its employees.

Reporting of Illegal or Unethical Behavior

If employees become aware of an illegal or unethical act, they are asked to report it to their supervisors or human resources department. No action will be taken or tolerated against an employee, who in good faith, reports such an act.

CA Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010

GBP conducts business in compliance with laws of fairness and human rights and expects suppliers to meet similar standards.

GBP conducts a risk-based supplier assessment as necessary and requires compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The majority of GBP’s suppliers are located in the United States. GBP does not conduct third-party on-site audits at this time. GBP trains employees responsible for supply chain management on how to identify and respond to supply chain concerns.

Labor Practices

Wage & Work Laws

GBP complies with all applicable labor, minimum wage, work, overtime and maximum hour laws.

Health and Safety

GBP is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. Resources and training are provided to employees. Systems are in place to manage, track and report occupational injuries and illness for purposes of reducing injuries and facilitating return to work.

Conflicts of Interest

GBP requires that all of its employees avoid conflicts of interest, real or apparent. Employees are not permitted to promote their own interest if such interest in any way conflicts with GBP, its customers or employees.

Audits and Assessments

Internal audits and assessments are conducted on a regular basis to ensure regulatory compliance, accountability and transparency.


Environmental Compliance

GBP is committed to comply with the letter and spirit of all environmental laws and regulations. GBP strives to ensure that its operations never pose significant risk to public health or environment.

Public Reporting

GBP takes great efforts to ensure proper permitting and reporting for environmental regulations, as required by federal, state and local laws.

Pollution Prevention and Resource Conservation

GBP is committed to the basic tenets of elimination, reduction, and reuse in the recycling of waste at its manufacturing operations. GBP has been recognized for its continuous improvements and resource conservation achievements.

Environmental Performance

GBP integrates sustainable practices to optimize resources and responsibly balance economic, social and environmental goals in producing quality and innovative products for customers.

Promotion and Restoration of Resources

GBP maintains Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certification at its paper mills and all of its corrugated packaging divisions. It also maintains Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification at several divisions. Its timberland operations are SFI® certified and GBP follows sustainable practices in all of its forestry operations, whether on its own lands or those of others.

Fair Operating Practices


GBP officers, employees or agents will not give nor accept business gratuities that are improper such as bribes, kickbacks, or undocumented payments. Suppliers are expected to comply with U.S Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and relevant anti-corruption laws.


GBP maintains the confidentiality of information entrusted to it by customers or vendors who request protection of their proprietary or confidential information.

Promoting Social Responsibility

Officers, employees and agents of GBP take steps to promote social responsibility within the company and through the chain of manufacturing.


Fair Marketing & Information

Officers, employees and agents will maintain fair practices for responsible and accurate marketing and product information.

Consumer Health & Safety

GBP products will not pose significant health and safety risks to consumers. Finished products and ingredients are evaluated with risk-based assessments to protect human health and safety.

Education & Awareness

Employees of GBP are made aware of effective practices to employ for customer and consumer services, protection of intellectual property, trademarks, and data integrity.

Sustainable Consumption

A long-time proponent of quality of life and resource conservation, GBP strives to minimize waste and pollutants and reduce use of resources throughout the manufacturing process.

Community Involvement & Development

Community Involvement & Social Investment

GBP invests in building infrastructure, employment creation and community development.

Officers and employees engage with communities above and beyond financial donations by contributing time and representation on numerous community service boards.

GBP sponsors the George Kress Foundation, named after its founder, which contributes financial resources to community services and capital projects for long-term community development and common good.

Employment Creation & Skills Development

When making investment decisions, GBP works with associations and educational programs to make positive social, economic, cultural and employment contributions to its communities.

Innovative Technology Development

GBP continues to create and provide public access to technological advances. Both George Kress and James Kress were inducted into the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame for numerous achievements, including a closed water loop which recycles process waters at a 100% recycled paperboard mill in 1992.