Leader in Sustainability

Sustainable Innovation

Green Bay Packaging is a purpose-driven business leading the packaging manufacturing industry to better our communities, environmental footprint, and economic growth.

Green Bay Packaging is leading the paper, corrugated, folding carton, and coated label products manufacturing industry efforts in environmental, social, and economic sustainability.


The George Kress Foundation actively supports initiatives focusing on youth development, education, health, and cultural programs in our communities.


By optimizing sustainable practices now, Green Bay Packaging is able to meet present needs without compromising future resources.


Green Bay Packaging is committed to practices that support the long-term economic development and growth of our locations.

Responsible Business Practices

We are dedicated to responsible and ethical business practices in all of our operations. We have a responsibility to our employees, customers, suppliers, and all of the communities in which we operate. Our core values center on accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement in our products, operations, training, and sustainable practices.

Sustainability in Action

Green Bay Packaging is proud of our continued local, regional, and national recognition as a sustainable leader in the industry.

Green Bay Packaging winner of the manufacturer of the year award 2022.
GBP net zero water validated by the UL.
Green Bay Packaging 2021 sustainability award winner from the AF&PA.
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Legacy of Papermaking

Green Bay Packaging | Smart Partners ... Smarter Solutions

Legacy of Papermaking