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E-Commerce Boxes

We understand that your packaging is more than just a box – it is your brand! Let us help you create a functional, sustainable, and impactful packaging experience.

E-commerce corrugated boxes sitting outside a front doorstep.


We design it. Produce it. Pack it. And send it. Our in-house graphic and structural designers will partner with you to develop the most effective e-commerce packaging design to meet your business’s objectives.


GBP is equipped with on-site ISTA and TAPPI-conditioned labs for quality assurance. Your e-commerce package will meet or exceed the quality standards of product protection through the rigors of the supply chain.

Find a GBP manufacturing location near you to start your next project! We have nationwide corrugated box plant locations ready to fulfill your business needs.

Corrugated box produced by Green Bay Packaging with a Box to Nature label stating that corrugated boxes can be recycled up to 7 times.

Leaders In Sustainable Packaging

Green Bay Packaging has been leading environmental innovation in manufacturing since 1933. Our integrated sustainable practices throughout the supply chain optimize our resources to meet or exceed the environmental goals of the industry.


Proud SUBTA Partner

GBP is a proud Partner of SUBTA (Subscription Trade Association). SUBTA is a community of e-commerce companies with a high level of ethics and performance standards for subscription-based packaging and services that shape the subscription industry.

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Create e-commerce packaging that delivers a unique customer unboxing experience tailored to your business needs.

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