Environmental Sustainability

Protecting the Planet

Green Bay Packaging has been a leading packaging manufacturer in environmental innovation since 1933. Our integrated sustainable practices throughout the supply chain optimize our resources to meet or exceed our environmental goals for operational excellence.

Green Bay Packaging is an environmental advocate creating initiatives for resource conservation. We are mindful of the earth and participate in outreach programs that reflect our beliefs.

GBP’s water management integrates innovation, technology, and risk assessment for reduced impacts on the environment. We are a recognized industry leader in water circularity and resilience.


GBP utilizes a balanced model of responsible fiber consumption as one of the largest vertically integrated, family-owned companies that manage and grow forest timber.

GBP promotes green business practices. Our box and carton converting operations average more than 98% landfill diversion.

GBP leads the packaging industry in reducing greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production, and as a company, we continually exceed the industry standard of the CDP Climate Change Score.

GBP’s operations are optimized to reduce our total BTU energy consumption. We are dedicated to energy efficiency and savings throughout our facilities.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Green Bay Packaging operates a balanced mill system, meaning we operate both a virgin fiber and 100% recycled paper mill to produce the highest quality sheet for our corrugated packaging.

GBP Circular Water System

Green Bay Packaging is the first in the packaging industry to implement a circular water system. With a green infrastructure on water reclaiming and recycling, it is estimated that we have reduced our freshwater intake per ton paper production by 50%.

The Green Bay Mill Division partners with our local municipality to utilize reclaimed water to sustain the paper-making process.


Excess water from the paper-making process is treated onsite at Green Bay Packaging’s effluent treatment plant as the first phase of the water cleaning process.


The clean water returns to the local municipality, where it is clarified in phase two of the water cleaning process.


The water leaves the local municipality, returning to Green Bay property for the third and fourth cleaning phases before being utilized again in the paper-making process.

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