Paper Mill Operations

Icons of products used for our mill operations to create our sustainable corrugated products.

Paper Mill Technology

Green Bay Packaging’s mill operations are seamlessly integrated to provide our customers with world-class quality and industry-shaping ideas in environmental innovation and process technology.

Fiber, Lumber & Paper Products

Fiber Resource Division

The Fiber Resource Division delivers a sustainable and cost-effective supply of virgin fiber chips to our paper mill and logs to our sawmill.

Pinecrest Lumber Division

The Pinecrest Lumber Division produces quality lumber from Green Bay Packaging timberlands and provides chips and fuel to the Arkansas Kraft Mill Division.

Pinecrest Paper Slitting Division

The Pinecrest Paper Slitting division produces narrow cartwheels and slit stock rolls for the tube, core, and corner board manufacturing industries.

Green Bay Mill Division

The Green Bay Mill Division is a fully integrated paper mill utilizing 100% recycled raw material to manufacture linerboard and medium.

Arkansas Kraft Mill Division

The Arkansas Kraft Mill Division processes a combination of virgin and recycled fiber to produce kraft linerboard and medium, making it a fully integrated pulp and containerboard mill.

Most Sustainable Paper Mill System in the U.S.

Green Bay Packaging's mill operations process of using virgin fibers and recycled OCC to produce our sustainable corrugated packaging.

The corrugated packaging supply chain requires a steady stream of both recycled and virgin fiber to remain sustainable. Green Bay Packaging takes pride in owning timberlands and produces both virgin and recycled paper, earning us the title of Most Sustainable Paper Mill System in the United States.

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Legacy of Papermaking

Green Bay Packaging | Smart Partners ... Smarter Solutions

Legacy of Papermaking