Design Services

Full-Service Packaging Design

Our design solutions are creative, innovative, visually engaging, and supply chain resilient for the ultimate customer experience. GBP’s structural and graphic design team will create customized corrugated box and display solutions tailored to your company’s unique brand objectives.


Structural Design Services

T.O.P.S. (Total Optimization Packaging System) software helps determine the best package design and the most efficient pallet and truckload configuration to thrive in the supply chain.

Graphic Design Services

Concept Development / Ideation – Our design team strives for total delivered cost solutions that consider all facets of the supply chain while incorporating high-impact aesthetic and structural integrity for your custom corrugated box and display design.

Rendering – Employing a “sketch-first” interactive process enables our creative team to generate more innovative solutions in less time to refine the concept to best support the objectives.

Art Development – Graphic designers work to develop print-ready art to maximize flexographic print capabilities and efficiencies.​

Prototyping – A prototype (white sample) is engineered and tested to refine concepts for review and presentation.​

Full-Color Mock-Ups – Full-color mockups are produced via large format HP or digital printing to provide your customers with a representative sample of the design concept.​

Field Support – Our designers and technical sales reps are available to meet at your location or provide field surveys of specific retailers and market trends.

GBP's design process starts at concept from design to production, producing  creative display's and custom corrugated boxes.

Corrugated Printing Capabilities

As a vertically integrated manufacturing company, GBP offers a wide variety of flutes and board grades to meet your specific product needs. Our production solutions include an assortment of single and double wall board combinations, multiple print solutions including direct, indirect, digital, and 2-sided printing to support your custom printed corrugated box and display needs.

Unique Substrate & Finishing Capabilities

Substrates we work with:



Soft Touch

‘Wow Factor’ print & mounting finishes:

Foil finishing ​
Foil stock​
Glitter finishes​

Silk screen ​

Gradient colors​
UV coating​
And more…

We also incorporate the following into our displays:

Vacuum Forming
Injection Molding (high quantity)​
Lights and lighting​

Sound ​
Digital Media Players ​

Gimbal Beacons ​
NFC Chips​​