Quality Inspection for Package Certifications


BRCGS and SQF certifications at our plants ensure that safe and legal products are delivered to our customers.

Quality Test Lab for Package Certifications, Green Bay Packaging

Quality Assurance

Our corrugated packaging materials are manufactured using a “plan of control” philosophy which ensures our products are consistently high quality.

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Value Proposition

We provide superior quality and service to our customers at the lowest cost of ownership.

Right Process. Right People.

A complex quality control process is vital to ensuring every manufacturing application exceeds the highest standards. Business practices that drive quality at Green Bay Packaging include ISO 9001 certification, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. Yet, it is our people who work smarter at every level, optimizing processes and reducing costs while increasing value to you.

Consistency Equals Quality

Green Bay Packaging is a vertically integrated company, producing and controlling raw materials and finished products.  Our thorough and rigorously implemented quality control creates the most consistent production applications.

Lab Testing Capabilities

Our TAPPI conditioned labs are capable of testing throughout the entire supply chain.  We monitor the incoming raw materials as well as the manufacturing of the corrugated sheets and converted products to ensure their performance.

Standard testing includes Basis Weight, Ring Crush, Flat Crush, Concora, Mullen, ECT (Edge Crush Test), DST (Dynamic Stiffness Test), Pin Adhesion, Coefficient of Friction, Cobb, Porosity and Moisture Content.

End Use Performance Testing

Our capabilities range from ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) 1A to 6A including testing for Amazon, Sam’s Club and FedEx.  These include high temperature, high humidity conditioning, compression, random vibration, drop, incline impact and horizontal compression testing to ensure that your packaging will stand up to the rigorous supply chain.  We have the versatility to develop custom testing based on your needs.  At our ISTA certified labs, we can test and pre-certify your HAZMAT packaging.