More Than Boxes

Over 85 years ago, our founder’s vision was dedicated to continuous improvement. As a full-service packaging company, we offer innovative corrugated packaging, folding cartons and coated label stock. We are truly more than a box company.

Corrugated Box

Quality Solutions

Total cost is measured in the product utilization starting with design. Efficiency throughout the supply chain and the order-to-order consistency motivates us, as a packaging company, to operate differently and produce quality solutions.

Green Bay Packaging, Semi Truck, Truck

Speed to Market

Our advanced technical skills and market knowledge provide the agility and responsiveness customers appreciate. This allows us to be more competitive in the industry and deliver beyond your ordinary packaging company.

Culture of Innovation

The Green Bay Packaging culture of innovation supports the creative and talented employees. They work for their customers first and focus on creating inventive and economical solutions.

Customer Focused

We manufacture high-quality products used for a wide variety of packaging and applications. All operations are driven by continuous improvement and are focused on providing our customers with outstanding service while maintaining strong environmental and social responsibilities.

Dedicated Employees

Every Green Bay Packaging employee is dedicated to serving you properly. We’re large enough to meet your needs and attentive enough to handle your unique projects.

Our Rich Heritage

Building a better box from the beginning. In 1933, George F. Kress offered a superior alternative for customers using expensive, cumbersome wooden boxes. The motivation was the customer. The vision was corrugated shipping containers.

A Legacy of Leadership

George Kress


James Kress

Chairman of the Board 1994 to 2019

William Kress

President and CEO
1995 to Present

Our Story

History, Green Bay Packaging


Green Bay Packaging begins manufacturing corrugated shipping containers.

History, Green Bay Packaging, Production Department


The Folding Carton Division was established in Green Bay, WI.

History, Green Bay Packaging


The Green Bay Pulp and Paper was built to produce semi-chemical corrugated medium for Green Bay Box.

History, Green Bay Packaging, Forklift


The Kalamazoo Division was established in Kalamazoo, MI, with 50% initial ownership (remaining interest acquired in 1964).

History, Green Bay Packaging


The Twin Town Division was established in Minneapolis, MN, with 50% initial ownership (remaining interest acquired in 1985).

James Kress


Jim Kress elected President of Green Bay Box and Green Bay Pulp & Paper.

History, Green Bay Packaging


A new R & D division was founded, Diversified Products, subsequently becoming Coated Products Operations.

Acquisition of Briggs Packaging, which later becomes Chicago Sales & Distribution Center.

History, Green Bay Packaging


Green Bay Box merges with Green Bay Pulp and Paper to become Green Bay Packaging.

The Wausau Division was acquired in Wausau, WI (new plant constructed in 1969).

History, Three Men, Groundbreaking


The construction began on newly founded Arkansas Kraft Pulp and Paper Mill in Morriton, AR.

The Fremont Division was established in Fremont, OH.

Forest, Landscape


Timberland purchases began, which today total approximately 245,000 acres.

The Green Bay Mill developed and executes a closed water process, an industry first.

Fort Worth Division, Green Bay Packaging


The Fort Worth Division was acquired in Fort Worth, TX.

History of low cost boxes, Water drop on a leaf


National Sports Foundation awards Green Bay Packaging the National Gold Medal for efforts in water pollution abatement.

History of low cost boxes, Forestry, Lumber being moved


The Pinecrest Lumber Division was constructed in Plumerville, AR.

GBP History


The Packaging Systems Division was established in Green Bay, WI.

History of low cost boxes, Manufacturing


The company wins Izaak Walton League Award.

A second paper machine was added to Arkansas Mill Division.

Coated Products Division


The Coated Products Division moved into new plant with state-of-the-art coater.

Quality process was initiated as company adopts the Crosby philosophy.

History of low cost boxes, Manufacturing


The Cincinnati Division was established in Cincinnati, OH.

Quality Deming


Green Bay Packaging expands quality process and adopts the Deming approach.

History of low cost boxes, Green Bay Packaging Location


The Tulsa Division was acquired in Tulsa, OK.

Quality Deming Crosby


Crosby and Deming philosophies become the Eight Elements of Quality.

Pinecrest Slitting Division


The Paper Slitting Division was established in Plumerville, AR and the De Pere Shipping Container Division was established in De Pere, WI.



The Green Bay Mill reconfigures to produce high-performance linerboard using 100% recycled fiber.

Presidential Environment and Conservation award for Sustainability


Citation Award was won for President’s Environment and Conservation Challenge program. The VIP Supplier Process starts.

Environmental Sustainability, Water


The Green Bay Mill becomes one of the first paper mills in the world to be totally effluent free (TEF or zero discharge of waste water).

The Winchester Coated Products Division was established in Winchester, VA.

ISO 9001 Certification


ISO 9000 registration process begins.

Environmental Sustainability, Leaves


The company was recognized as a Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment.

William Kress Portrait


Will Kress was elected President of Green Bay Packaging.

George Kress


George Kress was inducted into the International Paper Industry Hall of Fame.

Twin Town Division moves into new 220,000-square-foot Minneapolis, MN, plant.

Kalamazoo Division


Construction begins on new, 312,000-square-foot Kalamazoo, MI, plant.

Valley Packaging Division


The company acquires Valley Packaging; sheet plants in Pulaski, TN and Chickasha, OK.

ISO 9001 Certification


14 divisions registered to ISO 9001.

El Paso Division


The company establishes sheet plant in El Paso, TX.

Cycle time management begins to improve ability to meet reduced lead times.

ISO 9001:2000 Certification


Implementation of new ISO 2000 standards begins.

Environmental Sustainability


The company was given two awards: Wisconsin’s Governor Award for Excellence in environmental performance and Tag and Label Manufacturer’s Institute Environmental Award for Innovative Technology.

History of low cost boxes, Manufacturing, Packaging


The company acquired a sheet plant located in Archbold, OH and a corrugated plant located in Baltimore, MD. A new 245,000 square-foot plant opens in El Paso, TX. The company receives Brown County Business Recycling and Waste Minimization Award. Jim Kress was inducted into the International Paper Industry Hall of Fame.

History of low cost boxes, Manufacturing


The company acquires Midland Packaging and Great Lakes Packaging.

Point of Purchase Displays, Green Bay Packaging Baird Display Division, Floorstands, Unique Displays


The company acquires Baird Display.

In-Store Innovation Sign, Woman pointing to sign


New Retail Sales Group was established called In-Store Innovation.

A new 300,000 square-foot plant opens in Pulaski, TN.

Acquisitions, Manufacturing


The company acquires Wisconsin Packaging Corporation, Grand Traverse Container, Inc and Citadel Industries.

The Green Bay Mill Division breaks ground on state-of-the-art paper mill.

The Chicago Sales & Distribution Center broke ground for the construction of a new 170,000 square-foot complex in Downers Grove, IL.