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Wausau, WI

The Wausau Division specializes in producing high-quality corrugated boxes and e-commerce packaging. We serve Northern, Central, Southern Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois, providing proactive customer service for a streamlined experience. 

Smiling Green Bay Packaging Wausau Division employees standing by a GBP trailer used to deliver finished corrugated boxes.

From initial concept drawing to full-sized printed prototypes, our in-house graphic and structural designers partner with you to develop the most effective corrugated packaging.

GBP is the industry leader in innovative packaging technology providing our customers with the best quality product in the most sustainable manner.

The Wausau Division provides world-class quality with a DPPM score below the industry average. GBP’s ISTA testing labs ensure product integrity and optimization throughout the manufacturing process.

Vital Industries is a company built on quality, attention to detail, and aesthetics. Their e-commerce packaging showcases their brand values through interior and exterior printing for a memorable customer experience.
Green Bay Packaging is one of our strongest business partners. We receive outstanding customer service from a fast, exacting, and down-to-earth team. GBP delivers the highest quality products and is always on time. The GBP team values longevity and loyalty, significantly benefiting our 166-year-old craft brewery.
Stevens Point Brewery
American Provenance partnered with GBP to help them meet their sustainability goals through 100% recyclable corrugate packaging. The American Provenance e-commerce packaging was designed for product organization, efficient fulfillment and distribution, and a lasting unboxing experience.

Corrugated Capabilities

We offer a variety of flutes to support custom projects using our in-house corrugator. Our team of experienced packaging engineers will collaborate with you to choose and design the best possible packaging based on your specific needs.

B Flute: Provides excellent crush resistance and protects lightweight items while offering better printability and cost savings over C Flute. 

C Flute: Offers strong stacking strength and excellent crush resistance while maintaining high-quality printability. 

E Flute: Perfect for retail packaging and displays, offering a fantastic print surface. 

Double Wall: The combination of two materials used for the boxes makes them studier, perfect for long-distance shipping and heavy products. 

Wausau Division’s Packaging Certifications

Wausau Division
Job Opportunities

 Join a family-owned company who encourages and provides opportunities for career growth.

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Meet Our Team

Wausau is strategically located to serve our customers throughout
Northern, Central, and Southern Wisconsin, along with Northern Illinois. 
(715) 843-9185
[email protected]

Ben Johnson

Sales Manager

(715) 660-1587
[email protected]

Travis Kersten

Business Development

(715) 845-4201
[email protected]

Logan Blair

Sales Representative

Eau Claire,
La Crosse, Stevens Point
(715) 843-8163
[email protected]

Peter Baumann

Executive Sales

Rice Lake, Whittenberg, Rhinelander, Antigo
(715) 845-4201

Jeff Leopold

Packaging Solutions

Beloit, Madison, Whitewater, Monroe
(608) 346-6434
[email protected]

Ryan Aulenbacher

Sales Representative

Waupaca, Wautoma,
Beaver Dam,
Richland Center
(715) 573-7933
[email protected]

Scot Bredl

Sales Representative

Green Bay Packaging's Wausau Division markets we serve in the Wisconsin area.

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    (715) 845-4201