Green Bay Packaging Expands; Launches New Retail Sales Group

GREEN BAY, WI— March 4, 2016 — Green Bay Packaging (GBP) announced today the launch of In Store Innovation, a new sales group designed to focus on the retail environment.

This new sales group will provide merchandising solutions that attract the attention of shoppers through use of creative and innovative designs. “We are excited about our company’s expansion into the retail segment and the opportunities ahead,” said Bryan Hollenbach, Executive Vice President of Green Bay Packaging. “The new In-Store Innovation Sales Group is an extension of Green Bay Packaging’s streamlined organization that will enable us to
pursue growth through further leveraging the retail environment. Our organizational structure is built on
recent acquisitions, as well as existing packaging divisions and will continue to emphasize a local, ‘speedto-the-market’ focus, and an active collaboration across all geographies. We will provide customers with the best of our local market presence and our company-wide capabilities.” “Our knowledge and experience of retail merchandising provides us a great opportunity to offer costeffective, high-graphic solutions for every point of purchase need,” states Green Bay Packaging Vice President of National Sales and Marketing Rick Luftman. “The GBP In-Store Innovation Sales Group is
focused on helping our customers enhance their brands and improve sales at the retail level through unique capabilities, creative talent and turnkey products and services.” The mission of the In-Store Innovation Sales Group is to exceed our clients’ expectations with outstanding packaging and point-of-purchase displays.

About In-Store Innovation
The In-Store Innovation Sales Division provides merchandising solutions that attract the attention of shoppers using
creative designs that stimulate impulse purchases that will make your brand stand out from the competition. The
focus is on creating inventive and economical solutions for custom corrugated and high graphic displays, semi permanent displays as well as graphic and structural designs.
About Green Bay Packaging Inc.
Started in 1933, Green Bay Packaging is a family-owned, vertically integrated company consisting of corrugated
container plants, folding cartons, recycled and virgin linerboard mills, pressure-sensitive label roll stock, specialty
converting operations, timberlands, and a sawmill facility. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wis., Green Bay Packaging
Inc. is dedicated to innovative development of its products and forestry resources, with a focus on quality,
sustainability and continuous improvement throughout all of its manufacturing facilities in 14 states. For more
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