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In Store Holiday Shopping: What to Expect


The holiday season is just around the corner and it is not too late to make an impact. Marketing strategies require well-developed and thought out plans. Considering in-store advertising now can allow your business to succeed in the fourth quarter. How does in-store display design impact holiday sales? How can you incorporate displays into your marketing plans? Continue reading to learn about these questions and more about POP Display design.  

Utilizing POP Display Design 

In brick-and-mortar retail shopping, grabbing the consumers’ interest requires innovative advertising. The buyer’s journey here is literally their journey through the store — meaning point-of-purchase displays play a crucial role in captivating customers.  

These POP displays and their design become even more critical during the holiday season. In that time, impulse purchases make up 25% of all retail sales, and creative displays often fuel this type of purchase.  

Such displays are also helpful for brands that want to test new market solutions or promote a seasonal product, which will pop out from monotonous store aisles. That’s why POP displays provide a variety of options for brands in search of an attractive in-store advertising solution.   

In-store displays represent an effective advertising opportunity because they’re a form of both visual and interactive storytelling. As long as the display’s design is in tune with the brand message and visual identity, it will resonate with the target audience. In addition, if it manages to evoke an emotion — like a chuckle, agreement, or resolve — consumers are likely to grab a product off the display and buy it impulsively.  

Different Types of POP Display

One of the most apparent trends coming out of holiday season is a continued switch from physical to online shopping. Stores in 2021 are likely to see in person shopping rates that match numbers from 2019. Some trends, such as ordering groceries online, will continue to grow, but this does not make in-store shopping obsolete. Leveraging physical retail space by using POP displays is one of the best ways to show new products and make new items easy to find.  

A variety of POP displays go into a successful in-store campaign and there are many design decisions to consider. There are the graphics that catch the attention of a customer’s eyes, but also the structural designs than ensure the display withstands the holiday season. Then you may go through several full-size prototypes before finalizing the perfect look for your brand. POP displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes including but not limited to:  

Using one of the displays will increase sales in your store, but using a variety of designs can help promote long term success.  

If you’re in need of Point of Purchase displays for your business’s holiday season,  you’re in luck! Green Bay Packaging offers a wide range of corrugated displays for retail spaces. We understand that you want nothing short of perfect for you in-store holiday displays. GBP can assist businesses in preparing their brick and mortar stores the right way with effective marketing techniques and signage. Take a look at our unique products and use cases and get in touch with our team to learn more about what we can offer your brand. 


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