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Subscription Boxes Increase Demand for Corrugated Packaging


The Rise of Subscription Boxes  

These days, there are more things to consider than simply what product you sell. Consumers aren’t just looking for an aesthetically pleasing product, but something that is made sustainably and affordably.  

New packaging trends continue to reshape the consumer goods industry and these trends influence both the structure of the packaging as well as the design. What is a subscription box service? How can businesses add subscription-based products to their product lineup?  Understanding why subscription boxes have become popular and knowing how to curate what goes into them is the first step towards creating one for your company.  

While 2020 ushered in a new digital age of everyday shopping, it’s far from the only trend that has facilitated an increase in the production of corrugated packaging. It’s easy to overlook a more subculture trend — the rise of subscription boxes. 

It’s a relatively simple business model — the producer of the subscription box gathers interesting niche items in a monthly package and ships them to consumers in exchange for a recurring payment. And this simple innovation has made a huge splash in the last couple of years — with Fortune 500 companies such as CVS, Apple, and Walmart all creating subscription box services.   

Deciding What Goes in Your Subscription Box  

Before any of the packaging decisions are made, it’s important to consider what will be inside your subscription box. This not only is the actual product you’re selling your customers, but it will also influence your packaging needs.  

Crate Joy, a subscription box company, emphasizes the importance of knowing your customers, knowing your competitors, and having a niche you are interested in. It may feel defeating to know how many subscription boxes are out there, but if you have quality products and a specific niche in mind there is no reason your product cannot succeed. 

  Companies like Ipsy and FabFitFun, whose main products are subscription boxes, have found value in offering additional add-ons to provide customization options to customers. 

Once what your selling has been decided, you can consider your packaging needs. How heavy are the products? You may want to have a multi-layer box, so the packaging is reinforced. If there are breakable items in the box you may want to have products wrapped in paper to prevent damage. All these considerations are important to make before you send out your subscription box so you can maximize customer satisfaction. 

Creating the Complete Unboxing Experience  

It is not only important to consider the box and products inside it, but it is important to create a complete unboxing experience. The unboxing experience entails a customer receiving their package, opening the box to see what is inside, and the emotions created every step of the way. 

By focusing on the immediate first impression, when a box is delivered, a brand can immediately provide a unique and memorable experience. A colorful box with a logo will often make a much stronger impression than a brown box with no branding at all. Then, when the customer opens the box, being greeted by a “thank you for shopping with us” card adds to the positive emotions a customer can now associate with your brand. All these additional touches increase the perceived value of the product inside.

If your company makes a product that is similar to your competitors, it can be important to have a slight edge that makes your brand the obvious best option. When working with a subscription service you want customers to grow to anticipate this experience every month, making them more likely to become an annual subscriber and not just a monthly one.  

Green Bay Packaging is a vertically integrated company that can take customers throughout the entire design process. Conceptualizing a design for your box to seeing it printed involves specific knowledge and capabilities, which GBP is happy to provide. To learn more about our innovative design capabilities click here.  


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