How manufacturing can help you transition from a job to a career

Anyone can get a job — but not every kind of work can lead to the start of a career. And it’s a very common misconception that manufacturing is an industry that does not offer opportunities for career pathing or advancement. Luckily for our current and prospective team members, the reality is very different from this misconception.

Working in Manufacturing

The myth of manufacturing as a stagnate industry is incorrect. In fact, it’s a place of constant technological innovation — and it’s quick to recover even amidst a global recession. Becoming an employee in always-evolving companies like Green Bay Packaging (GBP) is a great way to jumpstart a career by obtaining much-needed experience and new skills.

Industry leaders like GBP are vertically integrated — meaning that the company controls every single part of its product lifecycle; from planting the seeds of a tree to selling paper and corrugated containers to end-customers.

And that means working in manufacturing doesn’t restrict you to only physically demanding positions; especially in this day and age. GBP hires people in manufacturing, customer service, sales, design, finance, marketing, occupational health and safety, product development, engineering, and a variety of other fields.

Professional Development at GBP

Even if you don’t have any prior experience — GBP offers opportunities for skill-building on the job. When we hire for a role, we often tend to look for in-house candidates who want to expand their skills and gain new work experience.

While you can start at an entry-level position in production, you may have the chance to become a quality technician, machine operator, or grow into management and leadership positions over time. We value our employees, and we show that with a combination of sizable benefits and opportunities for professional development.

GBP functions in a decentralized organization structure, coupled with a flat-line management style that results in more freedom for employees to make decisions on the job. On a larger scale, this improves the overall efficiency of the company.

The Time to Start a Career Is Now

If you’re thinking of whether you can start a career in manufacturing here at Green Bay Packaging — it’s time to stop thinking and start applying for one of our many open positions. We’ll provide you with fair compensation, tangible benefits, and a work environment that fosters career development. And if you show dedication to our customers, work hard, and take an interest in the packaging business — you’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop a skill set needed for career advancement.


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