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Green Bay Packaging (GBP) is a pulp-and-paper company steeped in tradition. Based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, it’s been operational since 1933. In the meantime, the company has grown to more than 4,000 employees across over 40 facilities and in 16 states. And while it is known for an innovative approach to forestry resources and wood products — how does the company’s dedication to sustainability and improvement reflect on its workers? And what is it like to work in manufacturing in 2024? We’ll take a deep dive into Green Bay Packaging to find out!

What Values Influence Our Company Culture?

Studies have shown that company culture has a significant impact on a company’s bottom line, not to mention the morale of its employees. So, what is the company culture of Green Bay Packaging?

The culture at GBP can be distilled into a few simple values: Safety, Quality, Sustainability, Innovation, and an overall dedication to people.

Safety is a priority for Green Bay Packaging and is a team effort across all our divisions and locations. Safety means following all practices put in place to ensure we minimize harm. Safety in the workplace also means preventing toxic work environments, rather than reacting to them. An employee who feels safe is always more productive and will generally feel better about the place of employment.

GBP’s Total Quality Management program is a planned, company-wide process integrated into our business plan. In the workplace, it is important to ensure a quality physical space for our employees to work. This is coupled with maintaining a certain standard of quality in how we communicate with each other and our employees.

Sustainability at GBP is about integrating practices that optimize resources now, but also working to not compromise future resources. When considering company culture, sustainability is about balancing the financial wellness of the company with the quality of life of employees.

Innovation has been at the forefront of GBP’s work since the very beginning — and it’s a value that has remained central to the company since. For instance, GBP was one of the first companies to develop a closed water process in the 1970s — reusing water for a more sustainable environment.

The company is equally unwavering in its dedication to people, rather than just profit. On the one hand, that means delivering high-quality products to all customers. But on the other, it also entails a strong commitment to its employees.

Professional Development at Green Bay Packaging

Many people picture working in manufacturing as only physical labor. But while working in general production means doing some heavy lifting from time to time, a large part of the company’s workforce deals with specific problem-solving, administration, and managerial responsibilities.

For example, a shift production supervisor is there to effectively manage the department for a safe and efficient operation as well as analyze performance data to identify ongoing improvement opportunities. A large part of the work focuses on problem-solving and making sure the team works together effectively. Ensuring proper communication between team members is critical, as is managing operations and ensuring best practices.

Even working in general production doesn’t mainly focus on physical labor — but rather on operating machinery, performing quality checks, and keeping an organized workspace. The main characteristic of a good production team member today is a constant dedication to safety, and not just physical strength.

Working in one of the company’s numerous and diverse positions means a chance to develop a variety of career skills — from management and organization to technical knowledge and customer support.


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