Internships: Providing Value for the Students and the Company

Green Bay Packaging (GBP) knows the immeasurable value of talent and knowledge, especially when it comes from professionals pursuing internship opportunities. That is why the company works hard to provide opportunities for individuals to obtain the right skills and experience in the workplace. In fact, GBP offers a variety of internships and co-ops.

Through these positions, professionals in a degree-seeking or educational program can learn the ins and outs of a company – along with problem-solving, streamlining processes, and working with more experienced professionals in fields that they find interesting.


What benefits do internships provide students?

Internships provide a wide variety of opportunities for students, not only limited to gaining experience.   Another benefit that comes from an internship is establishing a strong professional network. When looking for a position, one of the most natural ways to learn about new roles and opportunities is from connections in your professional network. When interning at GBP, you can connect with people across a variety of departments and potentially a variety of locations. With 35+ locations across North America, you have the potential to establish a network that spans multiple states.


What do interns learn about the packaging industry?  

GBP is a decentralized organization which means each of our 35+ locations operate with a high level of independence. This allows for more efficient decision making and interns can often see the impact of their work directly.

One of the main goals of our internships is to educate interns on the manufacturing industry and GBP as a company. Some highlights of what interns learn while at GBP include:

  • Commitment to Sustainability The Green Bay Mill is a 100% recycled paper mill. We have also won the Green Master’s distinction from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council 12 years in a row. Interns can tour our different facilities to see this commitment to sustainability in action.
  • Innovation In recent years, advancements of digital printing on packaging simultaneously has led to improvements in the speed of production and the opportunity for brand packaging to be even more unique. GBP’s manufacturing facilities each specialize in a core competency to maximize the supply-chain process.
  • Community Support  Through the work of the George Kress Foundation GBP has had a long-lasting positive impact on its community. In 2020 the George Kress Foundation contributed over three million dollars to community efforts in Health and Human Services, Education, Arts and Culture, and Community Advancement.  
  • Vertical Integration GBP maintains its own supply chain with the mass planting of loblolly pine trees. GBP’s Pinecrest Lumber Division processes 300,000 tons of pine logs annually to be used in our Arkansas Kraft mill. This level of vertical integration helps GBP ensure the quality of its product every step of the way.

What can an intern bring to Green Bay Packaging?

Though internships are organized to provide experiences primarily for interns, they also have a long list of benefits for our company. A study performed by NACE showed that 92% of an intern’s time is spent on tasks such as data analysis and problem solving. Interns at GBP can work in a variety of roles. Interns in our IT department have worked on data transfer, installing hardware, and data analysis. While interns in the Marketing department can collaborate on web development and social media strategy.

Co-ops, which are often a longer term and more hands-on approach to work, are offered in the Paper Mills. These co-ops focus on a variety of disciplines and in 2021 were focused on both Process Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Additionally, GBP offered a Plant Engineering internship through our Coated Products division.

 It is important that interns feel connected to the work they do, which is why there is such an array of positions. Departments with Internships can include but are not limited to:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Purchasing


Where do our interns go to school?

Our internships are designed to accept students with different majors relevant to the work done by GBP.

Many of our interns have come from the following schools

  • University of Wisconsin System (13 Universities)
  • University of Minnesota System (5 Universities)
  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical Colleges
  • Arkansas University System
  • Michigan Association of State Universities (15 Universities)
  • Texas State University System
  • University of Alabama System
  • Oklahoma State System of Higher Education

And other schools near our various locations!

Innovation and quality are two of GBP’s core values, and this not only applies to the products we produce, but the people we employ. Having interns keeps our ideas fresh and innovative, and we support them with quality experience as they further their education.

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