The Importance of Networking among Young Professionals

Companies are only as successful as their individual employees — and Green Bay Packaging (GBP) understands this well. The future of GBP rests in the hands of its young professionals, which is why the company is dedicated to increasing their career development, employee engagement, and ultimately, retention. The Young Professionals Network was created precisely with those goals in mind.

What are the benefits of joining a Young Professionals Network?

Many people assume networking is an activity solely reserved for when you’re “off the clock,” — but that’s far from the truth.

While there is a lot of value in connecting with other professional peers from various companies within the industry, the importance of networking within the workplace itself shouldn’t be discounted. Whether you’re an established employee working towards a promotion or a newer employee trying to get a lay of the land — networking with other coworkers can be incredibly beneficial for your development and career.

GBP employees are encouraged to develop relationships with colleagues and coworkers from other divisions. Throughout the process of relationship building with peers, employees are more likely to uncover opportunities to increase their visibility with senior management, foster connections with potential advisors and mentors, improve their soft skills, and further finesse their skillset in an area of expertise.

How can college students benefit from networking with young professionals?

Networking outside of work is just as important — especially when you’re still in school and looking forward to a promising career. You’ll find that fresh college graduates have a much better chance of landing a desirable position with a referral from the right network connection.

Taking the time to foster meaningful personal relationships with people in your professional circle is something college students would do best to consider while they’re still in school. Once the time comes to find work, they’ll be able to easily tap into these valuable connections for job leads, referrals, and other relevant information.

How do companies benefit from strong networks of young professionals?

The outlook of any company is only as solid as the talent it hires, manages, and fosters for the future.

The Young Professionals Network at GBP was initiated with this idea in mind — to secure the company’s future by making sure the development, engagement, and retention of promising young professionals is a continual process, rather than something left to chance.

By establishing a dedicated platform for networking between our young professionals, we’ve ensured that the decentralized structure of our company does not prevent those important relationships from being developed organically throughout our footprint.

With the Young Professionals Network, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to empower the next generation of company leaders with the resources they need for professional and personal development as well as what help solidify GBP as a place that responds to their career interests and needs. In short, it’s GBP’s vision for the future.

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