Mill Operations: Pinecrest Lumber Division

A History of Building Quality

The Pinecrest Lumber Division was founded in 1973, the same year the first pine dimension lumber was produced.  After producing a diverse product mix over the years, today Pinecrest Lumber Division has a single focus:   supplying quality lumber.

The current product mix includes 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, & 2×10 dimension lumber used primarily in housing construction and by retailers; and 4×4 and 4×6 lumber used for landscaping materials and some construction, as well as 5/4 decking.  The mill operates in a quality-focused, team-based environment, with four employee-led teams:   Log Processing, Lumber Processing, Technical Services, and Administrative Services.

Quick facts.

The Pinecrest Lumber Mill uses every part of the log brought to Pinecrest:  lumber production, shavings to fuel the kilns for drying the lumber, chips sold to Arkansas Kraft Division for pulp, and bark and green sawdust for fuel.  Remaining by-products of bark are sold for use in landscaping materials and all excess shavings and green sawdust are sold for use as litter in chicken houses.

The Pinecrest Lumber Mill has annual production over 58 million board feet; an increase due primarily to better log utilization and lumber recovery.

The Pinecrest Lumber Mill has employee teams dedicated to continuous improvement and have been trained in the quality principles of Deming and Crosby.