Why GBP? So much more than boxes

Innovative corrugated packaging, folding carton, and coated label stock

We do things differently here. And, it all started nearly 80 years ago. Our founder’s vision—a dedication to continuous improvement of products and services—remains our guide. Our mission statement has become our daily objective: “Green Bay Packaging Inc. is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our products and services. Through employee participation in our process and in partnership with our customers and suppliers we will accomplish our mission.”

Low-cost solutions

Cost is measured in the product utilization; the design, the efficiency throughout the supply chain, the order-to-order consistency. Our value proposition is to provide the lowest overall total costs to our customers. This expectation motivates us to operate differently and produce innovative corrugated packaging, corrugated displays, and folding cartons.

Speed to market

Unlike larger corporations that are slow to action, Green Bay Packaging’s decentralized structure and local decision-making naturally create a sense of urgency. Our advanced technical skills and market knowledge provide the agility and responsiveness customers appreciate.

Empowered people = unmatched customer service

Every Green Bay Packaging employee is dedicated to serving you properly and is given the ability to do so. We’re large enough to properly serve you, and attentive enough to handle your unique needs.

“Our ability to serve our customers’ needs goes beyond product quality. Delivering products on time and providing rapid technical service and support are also a part of our everyday mission.”
Will Kress Green Bay Packaging President 1995-present