Forest Management

As a multi-generational, vertically integrated company, Green Bay Packaging maintains more than 254,000 acres of company-owned forest lands. Company forest lands are certified to SFI® Standard Principles of Sustainable Forest Management and implement forestry best management practices. Green Bay Packaging’s SFI Sustainable Forestry Policy demonstrates a continuous commitment to the SFI program throughout the company.

Forestry Policy

Landowners Resource Program

In 1980, Green Bay Packaging Inc. initiated the Landowners Resource Program to protect and enhance the natural life cycle of forest lands. The landowners resource program is active with private landowners to sustainably manage forest lands, working with the American Tree Farm System, and promoting and encouraging membership with the Arkansas Forestry Association. In addition to reforestation on GBP forest land, GBP has assisted private landowners in planting more than six (6) million trees annually, for a total of more than 160 million trees planted since 1980.

Supporting Forestry Education

In addition to implementing sustainable forestry and sourcing practices, GBP has worked to ensure a sustainable future for the industry supporting Trees for Tomorrow. For more than 25 years, Green Bay Packaging Inc. has supported Trees for Tomorrow, donating funds for teachers and students to attend natural resource specialty classes on conservation values, forests, and contemporary resource management practices of the paper industry.

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