BDC Awards Green Bay Packaging with 2022 Outstanding Innovation Award

Green Bay Packaging Awarded 2022 BDC Award
Left to right – Masood Akhtar (BDC), Matthew Szymanski (Green Bay Packaging), Wes Ward (Arkansas Secretary of Agriculture)

Green Bay Packaging Honored with Biorenewable Deployment Consortium’s (BDC) Outstanding Innovation Award

Little Rock, Arkansas, November 15, 2022The Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC) honored Green Bay Packaging with the 2022 Outstanding Innovation Award for their culture of innovation through partnerships.

The Outstanding Innovation Award was presented for Green Bay Packaging’s broad efforts in the advancement of the paper manufacturing industry. This supports BDC’s goals of bridging new technologies from other industries into the paper industry. As the host mill of the BDC Fall Forum, the Arkansas Kraft Mill demonstrated how they are actively involved in research and their partnership with BDC to deploy successful biorenewables and renewable energy sources.

“BDC is proud to honor Green Bay Packaging with its Outstanding Innovation Award,” said BDC President and Co-Founder, Masood Akhtar. “Green Bay Packaging is a great example of a company that has developed a rich culture of innovation and is willing to be first in the deployment of new processes that will add value to operations and make the company more competitive and sustainable.”

Over the last few years, the Arkansas Kraft Mill has collaborated with BDC to investigate new technologies and renewable alternatives for waste streams and energy sources. This research led to the installation of soap separation technology that optimizes on the separation of soap from black liquor. A trial at the mill tested soap removal efficiency and separator stability in the hopes of reducing our environmental footprint. Green Bay Packaging is now the first to utilize centrifugal soap separation technology at the commercial scale. This soap recovery has the potential to convert the soap to increase commercially viable by-products, biochemicals, and biofuels.

“It is an honor for us to be recognized by BDC. This award is special to us because we strive for a culture of innovation through partnerships focusing on creating inventive and economical solutions for our customers. We accept this award on behalf of our team who is dedicated to making Green Bay Packaging a leader in innovation,” said Matthew Szymanski, Vice President of Mill Operations, who received the award on behalf of Green Bay Packaging.

Green Bay Packaging is committed to learning and identifying new sustainable opportunities through our partnership with the Biorenewable Deployment Consortium. With ongoing initiatives to enhance waste streams for energy, improve existing by-product recovery, and develop new renewable energy sources, Green Bay Packaging is already making great strides. Our mills currently convert plastic and fibrous waste to energy, utilize waste cellulose for additives to strengthen product enhancement, and produce innovative by-products for carbon streams. As new technologies continue to be developed, GBP will continue to investigate and adapt our processes for optimization.

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